Follow up on your investment

Follow up on your investment

Follow up on your investment


Technology investors across Europe trust DueDive for on demand audit services to secure code quality and eliminate risk of technical debt. DueDive’s software analysis predict quality issues, team productivity bottlenecks, and potential scalability implications. 



DueDive’s unique and highly appreciated approach to technical due diligence in the M&A process is now available as a subscription service: quarterly reviews of the tech team’s performance and its technology value and debt.  

        The combination of automated code analysis with a well-defined system quality assessment conducted by a team of senior software developers and architects with decades of experience being able to analyze and evaluate software applications, system architecture and scalability implications.

        With DueDive’s holistic 360 approach, we help Management and Board of Directors to identify the pitfalls; from poor quality of source code which inevitably will need to be replaced at some point, to suboptimal system architecture and dependency on third party software. All analyzed with DueDive’s patent-based technology. As a third dimension, DueDive’s expert conduct interviews in order to ensure quality of the team and its methodology, identifying potential bottlenecks and recruitment needs. 



Once we have conducted our initial due diligence, we have a clear snapshot of the target company’s code stack and have the possibility of tracking the following KPIs (among others):


- Technical Debt documented as a snapshot and change over time.

- Speed of tech team: Is the teams productivity increasing/decreasing over time?

- Split between New Code vs Maintenance. Quick fixes of increasing productivity? 

- Gross vs Net Code: How are we trending over time?

- Roadmap: Provide recommendation in order to be aligned with the company’s Road Map.